What is HYIP and the HYIP Industry? All you should know about the programs

What does HYIP stand for? Is it a new investment scheme that is created to generate more money or just another Ponzi scheme? A lot of newbie investors want to find the answer to this question. In this article, you will find answers to all your questions and understand what we do here at HYIP Investors Club...
Although we recommend programs aside HYIPs also!

What is the HYIP program?

The abbreviation HYIP is means High-Yield Investment Program. This is very likely another Ponzi Scheme that wants to take money from you. Of course, there will be people who will get return from their investment.

The main idea of the High-Yield Investment Programme is to take money from one investor and provide profit for other investors. It does not always mean that new investors pay the profits for the premium investors. Typically, a very small percentage of people will benefit from this scheme. For instance, the richest investor in any HYIP is the organizer of this scheme.

The leader of any Ponzi scheme will promote his scheme. You should understand the reality of any Ponzi Scheme. You will be lucky to get in the first row of any. Only the first row of such schemes can make any profit from it. The other rows will be lucky to at least get their money back. The lowest rows of the pyramid will lose their money.

HYIP Mechanism

What is HYIP investment mechanism? It's all very simple! The operator of an HYIP created a website which offers a seemingly great investment programme! It promises very high returns on your investment, for instance, 1% for one day, meaning a 365% return on investments for the year.

What is the drawback of this scheme? No one knows anything about the process. No one really knows where their money is going. They simply hope it comes back tenfold.

These Ponzi schemes have existed since the early 1900s. With the rise of digital payment system and the power of the internet, Ponzi schemes became even more popular. People all over the world are very attracted to fast money.

A lot of HYIP operators have already created their digital currencies. It's a new way for them to generate money. You have probably heard of V-Money, EvoCash, OSGold, Standard Reserve or INTGold.

A lot of investors are attempting to take advantage of HYIP. They want to enter first and then leave once they get their profit, before it collapses. This is a gamble.
And if you are not willing to lose money, you shouldn't gamble. Investors in these schemes are smart and experience. They always know how to get their money.

Unfortunately, poor people forget the first rule of every business – do not invest in any business if you are not familiar with it. Frankly, they just dream about high payments without getting any information about the business.

This leads to losses for newbie and inexperienced investors and people who lack understanding but just wants to make money fast.

For us at HYIP Investors club we try as much as to recommend only potential long term HYIPs and ensure we filter out the early scams.

Also we try to partner with these companies and ensure insurance funds are released for our investors.
We also recommend Legit companies like cloud mining companies, Affiliate marketing opportunities and more to ensure you grow from Investing in unsecured platforms to investing on secured assets.

HYIP investors club is your only partner that ensure you profit from HYIPs and the HYIP industry.


In a HYIP scheme Nobody can guarantee that the money you invest can return to you with profit. You can even lose money. Therefore, if you see any HYIP – research it! And save yourself the pain or consult us at HYIP investors club.