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CaribbeanDream is a large holding and Our main activity is investing in markets of various yields, accumulating the main income from interest on successful transactions. The holding invests mainly in a combination of companies' equity securities, fixed income securities, promising projects with ICO and prospective cryptocurrency coins. To identify and use potentially profitable entry / exit points, we use our own analysis tools.

The holding claims to generate enough profits that returns a massive 1% up to 1.75% daily.

ROI 1% Up to 1.75% Daily

Caribbean Dream is a large holding that includes several divisions, which are focused on a common result. The holding invests mainly in a combination of companies' equity securities (approximately one third of the portfolio), fixed income securities (approximately one third of the portfolio), promising projects with ICO (approximately one sixth of the portfolio) and prospective cryptocurrency coins (approximately one sixth of the portfolio).

The funds of the holding can be selected from all sectors of the economy and industrial groups and located anywhere in the world, providing access to a wide range of developed and emerging markets. Sometimes investment shares may differ from those mentioned above due to abrupt changes in trends in a particular market. For example, at the very beginning of 2018 we made several large short term investments in the cryptocurrency market, increasing the share of the crypto portfolio from the usual 33.3% to 49.95%. Thanks to this, we have earned good capital, having received in a very short time a profit from investments in Bitcoin (about 27%), Ethereum (about 46%), Stellar (about 114%), BinanceCoin (about 142%), Status (about 201%) and Ethos (about 263%).

These are just a few examples of profitable deals, which were closed in the second week of January. Even by these results it was possible to assess the potential of the cryptocurrency market as very high. Due to the redistribution of the total portfolio investment shares, we achieved all our initial goals and, during the market stagnation, were able to quietly develop products, having fixed in advance the profit, which was enough for all future expenses. The holding uses an active management strategy. Its independent sub­adviser maintains a clear approach to managing the holding’s assets in order to maintain a balance between its capital and fixed income components.

To identify and use potentially profitable entry / exit points, we use our own analysis tools. CARIBBEAN DREAM tools are a collection of fast, reliable, efficient and secure new generation solutions that allow traders to manage their crypto assets as efficiently as possible. We also use a profitable model for all participants of the platform. The profit of CARIBBEAN DREAM gets higher along with the profit of the tools’ users. The automated system of tools implemented elements of decentralized control based on blockchain technology. Delegated trust units affect the overall rating of individual cryptocurrencies and tokens and help to build an investment portfolio. The valuation of an individual asset affects the overall ratings of crypto active assets, the formation of an individual investment portfolio, and the effectiveness of crypto active asset management.

We sell the same instruments to subsidiaries and large investment funds, thereby creating a reserve cash fund, the purpose of which is to provide the minimum allowable amount of dividends for private investors. This fund gave us the opportunity to launch an investment program for private investors, reducing the majority of risks that other similar companies neglect. This reserve fund is one of your guarantors for profit as an investor of Caribbean Dream. Successful transactions in stock and cryptocurrency markets allow us to pay private investors more than the minimum bounds indicated in the brochure.

All this embodies certain tariff plans, well thought out and compiled on the basis of analyzing the internal reporting of the company's revenues by quarter of the month and even one day. The private investor’s daily income will be calculated by a separate planning program that analyzes the collected reports for the previous 3 days and issues the optimal percentage of profit taking into account the deposit amount. Thanks to the reserve fund, dividends will not be less than the minimum rate of 1% due to the holding's additional income from sales of tools and daily commissions from operations on the analysis management tools platforms provided to subsidiaries.

Investment Plans

PLAN 1: 170% Total ROI (Deposit Included)
Daily ROI: 1% - 1.35%
Minimum/Maximum Investment: $25 - $999

PLAN 2: 180% Total ROI (Deposit Included)
Daily ROI: 1.05% - 1.45%
Min/Max Investment: $1000 - $4999

PLAN 3: 190% Total ROI (Deposit Included)
Daily ROI: 1.1% - 1.65%
Minimum/Maximum Investment: $5000 - $9999

PLAN 4: 200% Total ROI (Deposit Included)
Daily ROI: 1.15% - 1.75%
Minimum/Maximum Investment: $10000 - $100000

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