Review: is Bestchange Affiliate Program SCAM or LEGIT? Earn on Every Click

Hello, Dear Readers. Today, I'll be revealing a simple way to earn money online by sharing your affiliate or referral link and earning a huge 0.04$ for just link clicks which might go up to 0.5$ some times.

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About Program

I'll be revealing a program known as bestchange, BestChange is an E-Currency exchange monitor website that shows the current exchange rates from reliable currency exchangers.

Bestchange offers an affiliate program that pays affiliates not only when users take action but also when users visit your link, How interesting!

Now; you're not to deceive people to visiting your link or use false promotions to get clicks. At least make sure people are aware what they're clicking at.

Earning Formula

According to Information on the bestchange website.
You can get up to $0.50 for each unique user you get.
Payments for one visitor consist of several separate amounts:
  • Basic rate = $0.04 per visit, so 25 clicks = $1 and 1000 clicks = $40.

Join Bestchange - Earn money online without investment: Register Here.

If the user engaged by you:
  • Uses the exchanger monitoring service, you additionally get $0.01 x 9;
  • returns to the site in 3 days, you additionally get $0.02;
  • returns to the site in 7 days, you additionally get $0.03;
  • returns to the site in 14 days, you additionally get $0.04;
  • returns to the site in 30 days, you additionally get $0.06;
  • returns to the site in 60 days, you additionally get $0.09;
  • returns to the site in 90 days, you additionally get $0.13;
  • registered as a partner, you earn 30% of their income in our system;
  • registered as a partner and engaged another partner, you earn 10% of the latter's income in our system.

The specified sums of the affiliate rewards may be changed over time. In this case, all earned money are kept on the account taking into account the rates that were valid at the time when you got them.


The USD currency is used to add money to your account and make payments due to the affiliate program. To withdraw your affiliate money, you can choose between the Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, QIWI e.t.c. currencies.

The minimum sum of earned money that can be withdrawn from your affiliate account is $1.00.

Join Bestchange - Earn money online without investment: Register Here.

Terms For Earning

The user is not considered unique (the system does not count the visitor) if:

  • there has already been a visit to our site from his IP address via an affiliate link within recent 90 days;
  • his browser does not support the "referer" parameter (the address of the page where the affiliate link was clicked);
  • your visitor is not interested in using the service (the visitor did not visit any pages after he came to the site).

The affiliates may not click their own affiliate links or ask other visitors to follow affiliate links or use any other types of cheats to drive up the number of visits.

The pages where you publish information about us must contain a clear notice about the services we provide. Any deceitful description asking the user to follow the affiliate link will be punished by blocking the affiliate account.

It is forbidden to publish the affiliate link in:
  • pay to surf (PTS) or paid advertising message view systems;
  • on websites that use services from the previous list item;
  • in contextual advertising systems, teaser networks, traffic purchase/sale networks (AdWords, Facebook, etc.);
  • in mass mailing (SPAM), bulk e-mail messages from various services, social networks;
  • on sites that force new browser windows or open sites in hidden frames;
  • on web pages that publish lists of websites with "BTC faucets" (you can add our website to such a list, but the link must not be an affiliate one in this case);
  • on web pages that are not publicly available (closed groups and social network pages, closed forum sections, etc.).

Join Bestchange - Earn money online without investment: Register Here.


Bestchange is a miracle, it's exactly what people have been waiting for, The service is completely free and affiliates pays no fees.  You can earn massive with it. 

For Nigerians 0.04$ per click means 14.4 naira per click which means bagging 10,000 link clicks monthly earns you 144,000 naira or $400 for that month.

It's the currently the best free way to make money online in 2018 with no investment or hidden fees at all.

Join Bestchange - Earn money online without investment: Register Here.

Minimum withdrawal is just $1, which is really low and allows everyone to withdraw earned funds easily.

Exchange rates are dead cheap of exchangers and the best option because you get to compare from other reliable exchanges and buy at the best rate possible.


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